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12 January 2017


1. Choose your preferred style

2. Let’s begin the fit process by placing a tape measure about one inch above the brow line and measure around the head, this will indicate your helmet size e.g. 57-58 cm = Medium.

3. Place the helmet on your head and fasten the retention system securely so the strap fits snugly under the chin.

4. Grab the side of the helmet with both hands and try rolling it forward off the head. With the retention system securely fastened, you should not be able to roll the helmet forward off the head. You should feel only the skin on the head move just slightly with the helmet. The helmet should fit as tight as possible without causing discomfort because over time, the inner liner will compress with use.

5. Put eye-wear on you intend to wear while riding to ensure the helmet will fit in conjunction with the eye-wear without causing uncomfortable pressure points at the ears and at the bridge of the nose.

6. As helmets are non-returnable, it’s important to know the helmet will be comfortable for the long haul. We suggest you do the 15 minute wear test in store to ensure no uncomfortable pressure point develops. During the wear test check your range of vision by looking left, right, up and down, to ensure no part of the helmet obstructs field of vision.

See Trace or Jess to get the right Harley-Davidson® Helmet for you.

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